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A Dentist Can Prepare Your Smile for Your Special Day

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Dentist Can Prepare Your Smile for Your Special Day

If wedding bells are ringing for you, consider a trip to the dentist for teeth whitening which can brighten your smile for the big day. The same holds true for any major life event. Graduations, anniversaries, job interviews, and high school reunions are all occasions where you want to display your smile with confidence and without worrying about stained or yellow teeth. Teeth whitening is a fast and easy service which Dr. Patel can provide with results in just one hour.

Whitening is the perfect solution for even those with the most hectic of schedules. Results are seen instantly making this affordable "fast beauty" procedure even more appealing. Again, in just one hour, you will walk out of the office with visibly whiter teeth.

Dr. Patel provides professional teeth whitening services that are much more effective than anything you can buy over the counter. Drugstore whitening strips can typically only whiten teeth by around two shades. This will help them to appear brighter but will not produce the dramatic effect you are looking for. Whitening toothpaste has an even smaller effect and should be used for maintenance rather than the initial treatment. Professional whitening, on the other hand, can whiten teeth by up to eight shades. The results are dramatic and stunning. As a dentist, Dr. Patel provides this and other cosmetic service to prepare you for those camera-ready moments.

In addition to whitening teeth Dr. Patel can also address any other concerns you have about your smile. As an experienced cosmetic dentist here are some other commonly requested services that may be right for you:

Dental Veneers. This is a thin shell that is placed on top of your existing teeth to close gaps, make teeth even lengths, cover up dark stains, correct damaged teeth, or straighten them. This is a common solution in cosmetic dentistry since it has so many applications. Many people have all of their front teeth covered with veneers in order to create a beautiful and uniform smile. If you have your teeth whitened and there are still some stains or imperfections dental veneers may be the next step. Since a veneer works with your natural tooth, nothing is pulled, and the procedure can be completed relatively quickly on a schedule that works for you.

Dental Implants. If you have a tooth that is massively crooked, and you don’t want to wear braces, having Dr. Patel install a dental implant is an excellent solution. Implants permanently replace your natural teeth and can be done one at a time or used by patients to replace all of their teeth that have fallen out. This is a comprehensive solution to dental problems that gives Dr. Patel the ability to customize your smile fully.

Dr. Patel offers a wide range of other cosmetic dentistry solutions that start with teeth whitening. This is often the first step because other cosmetic procedures use ceramic materials that are stain resistant and also resistant to whitening. In order to create a uniform smile your natural teeth should be whitened first. This also will give you an idea of whether or not the other problems with your smile are major or minor. Teeth whitening alone will often give you the confidence you need for your special day without any additional procedures or steps. However, Dr. Patel is an expert dentist that can treat all of your other oral health concerns.


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