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Best Practices for the "Sugar Season"

Monday, October 26, 2015

Best Practices for the "Sugar Season"

With Halloween around the corner and the coming of the holidays that follow, it can be hard for parents, and all of us really, to limit the amount of sugar we consume. Earlier this year the World Health Organization lessened the recommended daily sugar intake by half to just 5% of your total calories daily. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has been campaigning and urging us all to take measures in the amount of sugary snacks we and our children consume because of the alarming rate of childhood obesity, diabetes and other complications stemming from sugar which has simply become an epidemic.

Health risks associated with sugar include high blood pressure, asthma and other respiratory problems, sleep disorders and liver disease among others. There are also the behavioral issues that limit how a child learns and copes that are linked to sugar. So we ask that you please take caution and set limits when consuming sugar. We understand that sweets are still very much a part of holiday traditions and celebrations, so here are a few tips we compiled to guide you through the sugar season:

Stay Away from Sticky Candy

Taffies, chews, jelly beans and gummy bears should be avoided. These sticky candies stick to the surfaces of your teeth like glue and are not washed off as easily with saliva.

Drink Water

If you are eating candy, opt for water instead of sugary juice or soda to balance the intake. Water will help wash the candy off your teeth to prevent cavities and decay.

Brush Teeth

Whenever possible, brushing teeth after eating candy and other sugary treats is the best way to ensure it does not linger in your mouth.

Make It A Game

Challenege yourself or your kids to finish a lollipop by sucking on it all the way until the end instead of biting it. Again, this is to prevent sugars from sticking to and decaying teeth. You may also get tired of suckling and decide to discard the lollipop or save it for later.

Do It Yourself

Making your own candy at home is not only fun, but also lets you control the amount of sugar you put in to it.

Go Sugar-free

Sugar-free gums and candies are a great way to get the treat without the excess sweet.

Opt Healthy

Go for candy that has some healthy ingredient in it such as chocolates with fruits and nuts.

We hope these tips will help you consume sugars smarter. Please don't hesitate to share any additional tips that help you control how much sugar you consume. We wish you a happy beginning of the holiday season!


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