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Our Family Dentistry Office Treats People With Sensitive Teeth

Friday, October 3, 2014

Our Family Dentistry Office Treats People With Sensitive Teeth

People with sensitive teeth should visit our family dentistry office in order to feel better. We treat patients on a regular basis that complain of feeling pain when brushing and flossing their teeth or eating something cold like ice cream. It is normal to feel sensitivity on an occasional basis but not regularly. If your teeth continue to hurt, you need to schedule an exam so that we can identify what is causing the problem and make a treatment recommendation. The sooner you get in, the faster your teeth will stop hurting.

If you think it may not be a health issue you can try at home treatments to start. This includes switching out your toothbrush for a soft one and brushing gently every day with fluoride toothpaste. This will help to strengthen your teeth and should be followed up by rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash. You can also improve your diet and include items like dairy products, nuts, veggies, and lean protein. Try this for a month and see if your teeth start to feel better. If not, you definitely need to see the dentist.

There are several reasons that your teeth may become sensitive and during an exam at our family dentistry office, we can identify the problem and make recommendations. One of the most common is the average cavity. People that don’t see the dentist on a regular basis are more likely to suffer from cavities and not know it. Over time the cavities will grow and make teeth more sensitive, even making it difficult to eat. If you have pain while eating, this is one of the first things we will look for. We can treat cavities quickly and if it has spread into the dental pulp, we will perform a root canal. After the procedure, we have the option of using a dental crown to further protect the tooth and may do so in order to strengthen it and stop sensitivity.

Another reason for sensitive teeth is gum disease. This is a common disease that can become very uncomfortable. At first, it will make gums swell, turn red, feel sore, and even bleed. This is annoying but may not necessarily hurt. The goal is to get your gums treated right away if you notice these symptoms. If you don’t, the disease can spread and make your gums recede. Receding gums are painful and create spots for bacteria to gather. This can lead to bone loss and massive tooth infections. We treat gum disease in our family dentistry office and recommend that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year so that we can catch it early.

A lack of enamel is another reason that teeth become sensitive because when the enamel wears away the dentin underneath it is exposed. Dentin is full of tiny holes and when exposed, sensations travel through the dentin to the roots of the tooth which can send pain signals to the brain. In order to combat this, we may recommend a bonding procedure where a tooth colored material is applied to the surface of your teeth in order to seal in the dentin.

Regardless of why your teeth are sensitive – we can help. Schedule an appointment with our family dentistry office to learn more.

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