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The Dentist For People Who HATE The Dentist.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Dentist For People Who HATE The Dentist.

Fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat”. A lot of people hate the dentist. Actually, more than a lot of people do. Recent studies show that one in four people dread a dental visit. A big part of this fear has to do with the assumption that you will be in pain or that it will be an unpleasant experience. You can’t quite wrap your brain around the fact that a trip to the dentist might actually be a positive experience.  You’ve convinced yourself that there is no exception. Painless dentistry? Pshhh… Yeah, Ok.

There are plenty of reasons why someone may throw up their guard when it comes time for their dentist appointment.  Teeth can only feel pain, so how could an appointment with Dr. Patel be a pleasant experience? Yes, it is true that teeth can only sense pain but only if they are exposed to it first.

Being afraid of the dentist means different things to different people. We find this phobia is often associated with the thought that treatment will hurt stemming from a bad experience as a child. Fear also relates to how you perceive an individual.  It could have to do with embarrassment or hesitance to trust your dentist. These emotions all tie in with fear. The good thing is Dr. Patel and his staff truly understand this fear and have made it their mission to beat the stigma associated with dentists.

So, what if we take the “feeling pain” out of this equation? Are you still scared? You very well could be but most likely because you simply have not experienced the “baby steps”, the “show and tell” and other education modalities that begin the process of alleviating the severity of said phobia.  Think about this. You get a massage because it makes you feel good. It relaxes your body- yours muscles, and your mind. If you do get a massage due to pain, you know that after your session, you’ll feel that much better.  Why not think of a trip to dentist like this?

Trust us when we say, staying away from dental offices will not help your cause. Neglecting your oral hygiene will LEAD to pain and not just in your mouth. Oral hygiene is directly related to your overall health. We’re not trying to fool you into thinking that we’ve somehow discovered a new way to provide dental care that will actually make your teeth feel relaxed and unnerved. BUT, we can take the fear out of this equation by relaxing YOU and unnerving YOU. Early in his career Dr. Patel spent 2 years working exclusively with 2 year old children. He thus basically treats all dental phobic patients with the ease and sensitivity that he would a small child. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave an appointment with your dentist and say “What a relaxing visit” or go home and tell your loved one “I actually look forward to my next appointment”.  Well, you can. Both of those quotes are directly from our patients. Take a look for yourself right here.

We, along with our patients, know that value that lies within a trustworthy dentist. When you walk into our office, you’ll always be greeted with a friendly smile and a relaxing ambience. Still feeling a little uptight? We have a state of the art massage chair to help you with that. We also provide inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide if needed. With all of the advances in dental medicine, we are positive that our demeanor mixed with almost 20 years of experience will give a new outlook on your dental health.

We are the dentist FOR people who hate the dentist.

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Parag P. Patel, DMD, PC

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