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Dental Implants in West Side, NY

Dental Implant Dentist in West Side

If you are in need of a Dental Implant Dentist in West Side, NY you've found the best one. Dr. Patel and his team will always go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, well-informed, and confident in your smile.

At Uptown Dental in NYC, we care not only about the oral hygiene of our patients- but about our patients in general.  Whether that means helping you to improve your confidence, ease your anxiety or fear, or helping you to maintain your overall health-- we are here for YOU. If you are an anxious patient, you’ve found the right Dentist in West Side NY.  Manhattan Dentist Dr. Patel wants you to know that he understands and sympathizes with you no matter what. A lot of patients are anxious and we truly understand that.  We promise that once you visit our Uptown Dental Office, you'll never fear the dentist again. 

What are Dental Implants?

Before the development of dental implants, dentures were the only alternative to replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Dental Implants (or tooth implant) replace missing/lost teeth. Dental implants consist of 3 parts: a titanium implant that replaces the root of the tooth, a porcelain or pressed ceramic crown that replaces the missing tooth, and a piece in the middle (called an abutment) that connects the screw and the crown. Once in place, they allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth onto them.

How do Dental Implants Work?

Because implants fuse to your jawbone, they provide stable support for artificial teeth. Dentures and bridges mounted to implants won't slip or shift in your mouth — an especially important benefit when eating and speaking. This secure fit helps the dentures and bridges — as well as individual crowns placed over implants — feel more natural than conventional bridges or dentures.

Dr. Patel and his experienced team of trusted specialists, including an in-house Periodontist, have years of training and experience, with dental implants in West Side NY. Depending on the complexity of the treatment plan needed, Parag P. Patel Dentistry's oral surgery office is right up the street from his main dental office in uptown Manhattan. years of experience with dental implants in West Side NY. No matter what, our team at Parag P. Dentistry in Manhattan will be by your side from start to finish.   If you lose a tooth or are missing a tooth resulting in a gap between your teeth, your remaining teeth, jaw, and bite will become unstable. Contact our Uptown Office and schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Patel, and let him restore stability to your smile and confidence.  

For more information about Dental Implants in West Side, NYC , Call Manhattan Dentist, Dr. Parag Patel, at 212-740-7808 Today! 

"Your smile is your attitude. Your attitude drives your optimism. Your optimism fuels your potential."
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