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"Dr Patel is very personable"

Read what our patient Erin A. says about NYC cosmetic dentist Parag Patel on at 57 West 57th St.

Dr Patel is very personable

"I''ve been going to this dentist practice for about 15 years and Dr. Patel took over as my old dentist retired. He's very personable and took the time to explain everything. He actually showed me my x-rays and explained signs of decay (thankfully none!), damage etc. I've never had a dentist be so thorough.

He made recommendations but I never felt as though he was trying to "up-sell" me, but rather giving an honest professional opinion. His staff are also wonderful and provide great customer service.

Best of all, if you're waiting to see the dentist, the receptionist will put you in this state of the art massage chair that kneads you from head to toe. A surprising and relaxing treat!

Dr. Patel and his staff are highly recommended.

- Erin A.


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