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"Dr. Patel used Invisalign to strengthen my teeth"

Read what our patient Kelli Singleton says about NYC cosmetic dentist Parag Patel on at 57 West 57th St.

Dr. Patel used Invisalign to strengthen my teeth

"Dr and Mrs. Patel are dynamic people....helpful, compassionate, knowledgeable, resourceful, and professional as are their staff members, Violet, Karen, and Kevin. I am quite pleased with Dr. Patel's services. I'm an Invisalign user (at his recommendation) and thanks to his impeccable care and expertise, my teeth are finally straightened. He just did fillings and bleaching and I am quite pleased with the results. Next up will be cap replacements and I know he will do a fantastic job on these as welI. I am truly blessed to have him as my Dentist and Violet as my Hygienist."

- Kelli Singleton


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