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This is a review of Manhattan cosmetic dentist Parag Patel from Lauren F. in NYC.

Family Recommended

"My mom, sister and I have been coming to Dr. Patel since he took over the practice from Dr. Mergler a few years ago. I must say, I have NEVER enjoyed going to the dentist. In fact, I've always dreaded going as it was always an uncomfortable, arduous, and most times painful experience for me.

Dr. Patel has changed all that. Not only do I genuinely enjoy watching the years of dental neglect fade away as Dr. Patel and his staff address the sorry state I've left my teeth in, but I actually enjoy the process as well. There's no pain and no stress. The office is always full of life (and great music!) and Patel and his wonderful staff feel like family. Violet, Karen, and Kevin have been there from the start and are a little dental home away from home.

Dr. Patel is thorough, communicative, attentive, and understanding. Although not all insurances are accepted, Dr. Patel will work with you to take care of your most problematic issues. I've had to pay out-of-pocket, but it is WORTH IT for the peace of mind he affords.

I have no doubt that a visit to Patel's office will change any apprehensive feelings about going to the dentist. And you'll have a healthy mouth to boot. Great for eating with my dears.

- Lauren F.


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